When CHASE came to us in 2015 they wanted to modernise their approach to health and safety assessments undertaken whilst on site.

CHASE were originally conducting inspections using a paper based system which involved compiling health & safety surveys using Microsoft Excel, printing these out and taking them to sites to fill out during inspection, these reports were then sent to clients via email and archived for future reference.

We drew up the requirements for a cloud based system which was composed of an iOS application design to run on iPads, and a secure web-based administration portal which is accessible through a web browser.

CHASE can now use the administration portal to create multiple bespoke surveys, manage their client base, and view analytical data drawn from their clients performance during inspections undertaken using the iOS app.

The administration portal has transformed CHASE’s administration process through automation, and has ultimately eliminated their manual process of data entry and archiving of reports, allowing them to focus their time on business growth activities, rather than administration.

Clients of CHASE can also access the administration portal using their own login details to view their performance data throughout the time CHASE have been inspecting their sites. This feature is extremely helpful to the clients of CHASE as it allows them to take preventive measures in their approach to health and safety.

The administration portal also completely automates the communication between CHASE and their clients, once a survey has been submitted by the iOS application, the system administrators will receive a notification to validate the survey. Once validated the survey will be automatically emailed to a contact list defined by CHASE, with the survey attached as a dynamically generated PDF document.

The administration portal is a bespoke application built using the very latest versions of PHP and MYSQL.

The iOS mobile application we built for CHASE was designed to run on Apple iPad devices. The App is connected to the administration portal and automatically synchronizes itself with any new data input into the system by CHASE, this feature allows CHASE to be in full control of their system, rather than relying on our staff to administer updates to the app.

The app was designed to function offline, an inspector can carry out a complete site inspection without the need for an internet connection, an internet connection is only required to submit a survey to the administration portal, which the inspector can do once a connection is available. This feature was of extreme importance to CHASE as an internet connection cannot always be guaranteed whilst out in the field.

Aside from the standard numerical scorings for questions, the App also allows CHASE to take pictures of any causes for concern during the inspection, this is done using the device’s built-in camera, or photo album. This function provides immense value to the inspectors as it allows them to capture visual evidence there and then, as they are carrying out the inspection.

Blaze Concepts has transformed CHASE’s paper based inspection system into a fully functional cloud-based system and as a consequence, streamlined their business process through automation and ultimately freeing up time for the business to focus more time on business growth.