After nearly a decade, we decided that our existing branding no longer reflected our agency and was long overdue a fresh new look.

Our new brand needed to both mirror our long history in the industry while showing we are at the forefront of the latest development and design practices.

It was also important that the brand was something we could have a little fun with too.

Branding for our Somerset Digital Agency
Icons for our Somerset Digital Agency

The “Blaze” component of the logo had been the focus of the logo since 2011. It was time to ensure it not only reflected our industry and company history, but also what makes us unique.

The most obvious factor was to mirror the technical-lead approach we always strive for, using the latest technologies to provide the best solutions for our clients. This can be seen in our futuristic digital customised type in the branding which leans towards a “cyber punk” aesthetic.

A more subtle nod that we wanted to reflect was that we have a strong focus on ongoing communication with our clients. If you look carefully inside the B and A in the typeface you can see two speech bubbles.

The greatest shift we made was changing colours, where previously Blaze Concepts focused on a flame based palette of orange and red, with some additional colours and gradients being added in 2016.

Needing to find a colour that reflected our industry and work, we took inspiration from the default hyperlink bright blue that covered websites for years; one of the most iconic colours synonymous with all things digital. 

After adjusting the shade to ensure it provided clear contrast and passed accessibility standards, we paired it with a vibrant green to further help us stand out. We then developed brand colour guidelines around this, including a neon pink, electric light blue and a deep navy.

To be fair, the new colour palette may have also been influenced by Pete and Andrew’s love of Daft Punk and synth-wave music!

New Logo for our Somerset Digital Agency
Custom logo variations
Animation for our new logo

Brands that reflect your business

We believe the new Blaze Concepts brand better reflects not just the business, but our team as a whole. From gamers to athletes, music nerds to creatives, the new logo shows our dynamic and energetic spirit.

If a well needed logo rebrand is something that you think we can help you with, then please get in contact today!

Branding for our Somerset Digital Agency


Adobe Illustrator


Vector graphics editor used for creating and editing illustrations, logos, icons, and other design elements with precision and scalability.

Project Management

Project management

Clear communication to plan, execute, monitor, and control projects efficiently and effectively, ensuring successful delivery within specified constraints



Encompassing font selection, spacing, and overall visual composition to make text legible, readable, and aesthetically pleasing.



Photo and Raster graphics editor widely used for image editing and manipulation to create custom digital imagery.


Pete Jeffery - Designer at Blaze Concepts

Pete Jeffery

Senior digital designer

Pete specialises in all things design, from high quality branding projects to ensuring the highest quality of user experience and accessibility. He casts his creative eye over the majority of our projects bringing over a decade of experience to our team.

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Wayne Tooze - Director at Blaze Concepts
Running shoes

Wayne Tooze


Since 2004, Wayne has dedicated his efforts to shape Blaze Concepts into the thriving digital agency it is today. His commitment extends to delivering a high quality service to clients and cultivating an enjoyable and rewarding work environment for the team.

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