Copy is important – You might even say it’s more important now than ever before.

A few years back, all an organisation needed to do was cram the right amount of keywords into their website copy and, hey presto, Google loved them and drove search traffic your way. The copy might have read like computer-generated gibberish but that, sadly, was how things were.

However, since Google’s algorithm changes, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) now rewards quality over content. We’re talking about content that is targeted, compelling, relevant, entertaining and engaging – leading visitors to interact and, best of all, heed a call to action!

A good copywriter delivers that content by researching and interrogating your organisation, getting to the heart of your offering, then distilling that promise into elegant language that inspires your clients and prospects to act, whether it is on your website or any other marketing collateral, such as email campaigns and print media.

So you see – copywriting is not only important, but downright essential!

Copywriting Portfolio

This is by no means a full portfolio of our work, but it will certainly give you a flavour of our creative flair and technical ability to deliver a high quality website solution for your business!

Click though to individual projects to learn more…

Ark Insure Assist Website

Ark Insure Assist

New website for existing client, Ark Removals & Storage with a new service handling emergency house moves.

WordPress development, Web design, Copywriting

Roddy Willis Website

Roddy Willis

Photo focused responsive website for High-Quality Performance Ski Lessons

WordPress development, Web design, Copywriting

SCF Website

Southern Construction Framework – SCF Solutions

Framework and resource website for SCF, a collaboration between Devon and Hampshire County Councils.

WordPress development, Web design, Copywriting

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