WordPress plugins

Blaze have developed and published our own WordPress plugins. Check out what we’ve released and see if what we’ve developed can improve your own website.

The story so far…

Our web development journey started in 2004, delivering bespoke websites and custom Content Management Systems to fit each client requirement. In 2010 we started to adopt WordPress as the core CMS platform for the majority of our client requirements, and this remains the case to this day. Our reasons were not only to save us on development time and improve our productivity, but also in order to deliver more cost effective and value for money solutions to our customers. Ease of maintenance for both Blaze Concepts and the client is also key, and WordPress delivers on both, ensuring that the CMS remains secure but also takes advantage of the latest in web technologies.

Available now and in the future…

Now, with extensive knowledge of WordPress and building a wide range of custom plugins for our client solutions, we now feel it is time to start developing plugins that the wider WordPress development community can enjoy and benefit from. Below are a couple of plugins that we have released to WordPress.org, with more in the pipeline…

WooCommerce better customer list

WooCommerce Better Customer List improves on the existing customer list provided by WooCommerce (under Reports) which is painfully slow loading when your customer database gets large. This plugin is fast loading and allows you to view order history by customer.

Friendly user agent for WooCommerce

Unknown to many, WooCommerce captures the device/platform, browser and browser version used by a customer when an order is placed, this is known as the user agent string. This useful information is currently not shown anywhere in the WooCommerce plugin.

Events manager booking payments with WooCommerce

This plugin integrates the popular WordPress Events Manager and WooCommerce so that users can use the events manager plugin with the full range of payment gateways that WooCommerce provides.

WP get directions

WP Get Directions provides an input where your customers can enter any location and get real-time directions on Google Maps to your business/location. There is also an option to use their exact location, provided this is enabled in user’s browser.

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