Events Manager Booking Payments with WooCommerce


This plugin integrates the popular WordPress Events Manager by Marcus Sykes with WooCommerce so that users can use the full range of payment gateways that WooCommerce provide.

The plugin works by adding an ‘Event Booking’ WooCommerce product. Each time the cart is displayed the plugin checks for Pending (or Awaiting Payment or Awaiting Online Payment) event bookings. If any Pending bookings exist the plugin adds the Event Booking product to the cart with the event booking details in the cart item meta information. The visitor can then go through the checkout process in WooCommerce and once complete, the status of the bookings is changed to Approved.

If the WooCommerce order is cancelled, the plugin sets the associated booking statuses back to Awaiting Payment.

The plugin doesn’t make assumptions about design and tries to use as little CSS as possible so styling should inherit from your theme without too much trouble.

Requires WordPress version 4.7 or higher

Requires PHP 5.3+


The development repo is at Github, where you’re welcome to raise issues, submit documentation and pull requests.

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