It’s essential to engage with your clients and prospects on a regular basis. But it’s hard to know where to start and how to keep your audience interested.

That’s where Blaze Concepts comes in. We know what your customers want to hear and to get them engaged with your brand. With our BlazeMail email marketing system, we offer everything needed to create and send successful email marketing campaigns and e-newsletters. Deliver beautiful emails, manage your subscriptions, and track your campaign results at your fingertips. We will get you started with a range of templates to choose from suitable for your business.

We also work and support many of our clients with their Mailchimp accounts, helping them to manage their Audience and send out eye catching campaigns.

Want something bespoke? If you are after a more branded look then we can design and build a template to your specific requirements.

BlazeMail Pay As You Go

With the BlazeMail Pay As You Go package, you can have an unlimited number of subscribers (unique email addresses in your database). This is a great place to start if you’re new or just want to try out email marketing to see if it’s for you. Plus there’s no monthly fee and no contract. Costs are calculated as follows:

  1. Fixed delivery charge, per campaign
  2. Fixed price per unique email address, per campaign
  3. Optional cost to spam test each campaign before sending

BlazeMail Pro

If you’re more serious about your email marketing strategy and perhaps have a much larger database of customers and prospects, then BlazeMail Pro is for you. As a pay monthly customer you can send as many email campaigns as you like up to a specified number of emails across all campaigns to your subscribers (unique email addresses in your database). The monthly fee is dependent on the number of subscribers.

BlazeMail Features

Send beautiful emails

Easily build your own campaigns. We provide a range of template designs. Choose which customers to target.

Great looking Reports

Great looking charts on the results. See who opened, clicked and forwarded. Drill down to individual subscribers.

View results anywhere

Mobile friendly version. Access results from anywhere.

Manage your subscribers

Easily add your own subscribers. Handle unsubscribes & bounces automatically. CAN-SPAM and GDPR compliant.

Target specific customers

Create segments for targeted campaigns. Segments based on location, interest or anything else you store.

No experience required

Simple interface. You don’t need to be a ‘coder’ to build a great campaign.

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