The Bello Wild Food App is a bespoke, ecommerce solution built for a producer / distributor of British wild ingredients, e.g. seaweed, mushrooms, etc. They sell their freshly sourced wild ingredients directly to restaurants around the UK.

We developed a full-stack Javascript solution for Bello Wild Food, comprising of a NodeJS / MongoDB backend database, along with an AngularJS / Apache Cordova hybrid mobile (JavaScript) application, which runs on both Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

Launching in 2018, this app has grown with new categories and product lines and is still a vital resource to the clients business.

Bello Wild Foods App

We utilised the AngularJS JavaScript framework in this project to develop some of the following elements:

Develop both the client-facing, and administration elements of a product ordering system, allowing clients to fill a basket of goods, and fulfil a purchase order, as well as an administration suit, which allows the administrators of the Bello Wild Food app to login and manage / analyse their orders, and order history. We used the flexibility of Angular’s router to conditionally declare routes in the application, this allowed us to create a completely different experience for both clients, and administrators of the system, through the same application.

We developed the data-entry element of the app to work completely offline, this allows Bello Wild Food foragers to capture photos of their produce, straight from the source and upload a new product listing to the store. This process works completely offline, we developed an upload queue using Angular services, which stores the data for new products, places it in a queue, and attempts upload at the first available moment, i.e. when a network connection has been established.

Both a local, and push notification services were developed for the Bello Wild Food app, notifying customers when new products have been uploaded to the store, and administrators when orders are made, and modified by clients using the app. The local notification service simply alerts, and displays notifications generated through actions on the app, to it’s users, e.g. client makes an order, admin gets a notification – these notifications are persistent, and act as an audit log history for your account in effect. The push notification service was developed to notify chefs directly, as soon as fresh produce was available, this has the advantage of not requiring the chef to be using the app to know something is available, their phone will ding, and let them know on their lock screen!

Develop a data-light, lazy loading shop, which allows the user to scroll through the entire Bello Wild Food product listings, only loading items as they come into view, providing the user with a fluid user experience, whilst at the same time being very light on their data plan.

Bello Wild Foods App

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Apps are such an integrated part of business today it is common practice for a user to connect directly via unique phone applications.

At Blaze Concepts we have worked on numerous apps for many large clients however we are unable to publicly display this due to agreements with other agencies.

If you are looking for a mobile application for your business get in touch and we can provide more in-depth examples.




Used in the creation of dynamic, single-page applications with a modular and declarative approach to building client-side web applications.



Versatile and widely-used programming language that enables the development of dynamic and interactive web content, running on the client side within web browsers.



Document database that provides a flexible, scalable, and high-performance platform for storing and retrieving data in a BSON format, offering dynamic schema capabilities for modern application development.

Node Js


Server-side JavaScript runtime that enables the execution of JavaScript code outside a web browser, allowing for scalable and efficient development of networked applications.


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