A fresh website to help this Trust aspire and achieve.

Beacon Education is an educational charity encompassing 6 schools and 4 nurseries across Somerset who recently had a new logo created and required a website to match.

With their logos bright colours we incorporated these to really create a bright and friendly website while remaining academic focused.

Blaze Concepts extracted elements from their branding to form unique patterns used across the website to create a design truly bespoke to them.

We worked closely with the client to create a colour palette based from their branding for the website to ensure as much colour contrast and web accessibility as possible to ensure the website is suitable for all.

Each school and nursery is managed independently while following a uniform structure providing consistency.

A vital tool for an educational establishment

Not only is a website important for schools to stay connected with pupils and parents but also to reflect the ambitions and goals they hope to inspire.

Blaze Concepts have worked with both educational establishments and charitable trusts to help our clients reach their full potential.








XD - Blaze Concepts

Adobe XD

Producing designs and interactive prototypes focusing on user experience and user interface design for website and mobile applications.

Project Management

Project management

Clear communication to plan, execute, monitor, and control projects efficiently and effectively, ensuring successful delivery within specified constraints

Responsive Web Design - Blaze Concepts


Responsive web design utilising cutting-edge frameworks for all devices to provide the best user experience for that screen size.

Brochure Site - Blaze Concepts

User experience design

Designing and optimizing the overall interaction and satisfaction of users with a product or system, focusing on usability, accessibility, and the emotional impact of the user's experience.

WordPress Development - Blaze Concepts


User-friendly content management system that powers a significant portion of websites on the internet, offering a customizable platform for creating and managing diverse web content.



Encompassing font selection, spacing, and overall visual composition to make text legible, readable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Adobe Illustrator


Vector graphics editor used for creating and editing illustrations, logos, icons, and other design elements with precision and scalability.

JQuery Icon


JavaScript library that simplifies HTML document traversal, event handling, animation, and AJAX interactions.



Scripting language designed for web development, known for its versatility in generating dynamic content, interacting with databases, and facilitating the creation of interactive and robust web applications.


Pete Jeffery - Designer at Blaze Concepts

Pete Jeffery

Senior digital designer

Pete specialises in all things design, from high quality branding projects to ensuring the highest quality of user experience and accessibility. He casts his creative eye over the majority of our projects bringing over a decade of experience to our team.

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Chris Taylor - Developer at Blaze Concepts
Video Games

Chris Taylor

Web developer

Joining our team in 2022, Chris brings a knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery and SQL. He supports multiple clients with their security maintenance packages ensuring their websites are running efficiently and securely.

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