Logo Redraw for Doveleigh Care

Modernising a logo while retaining their heritage

Doveleigh Care Ltd, a long standing client of ours needed a vectorised version of their logo to be used both digitally and in printed materials however they only had a low resolution version which didn’t have the resolution required.

We discussed different solutions we could provide and agreed they first wanted to see a cleaned up and vectorised version of the brand replicated as accurately as possible.

No auto vector here!

While the client was pleased to have a fully scalable version of their logo, we discussed how we can truly help this dove to fly.

The previous design had various and inconsistent line thickness making some elements misleading while the colours didn’t really translate well for modern screens and devices.

The primary focus was improving the clarity of the logo by providing a uniform and clean bold outline helping it to translate at all sizes.

We also wanted to give the dove a more friendly look to represent the care they provide, which was achieved by rounding the sharp corners and create a smoother flow between the branch and beak.

Doveleigh New Branding

While retaining the same colours, we slightly tweaked some of the saturation and hues to give them a fresher and more legible look giving the client greater flexibility.

It could have been tempting to go in a brand new direction, with a sensitive redesign like this it is important to ensure you retain the essence of the heritage brand while bringing it to the next level.

The client can now use this logo across all medias and allow their branding to truly soar.

Doveleigh Care Home Logo
New Branding for Care home
Logo Redraw for Doveleigh Care

Change can be a good thing

Updating your branding can breath fresh air into any business, whether it is just a slight tweak of a full rebrand.

Our creative team also has a wealth of experience in branding, design and print services.

If this is something that you think we can help you with, get in contact today!

Doveleigh Branding Preview


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