We have been working with Cavanna Homes for over 7 years supporting them through each adaptation of their website.

With a portfolio of 12 current and future developments, our website is designed to optimally showcase each individual property to prospective buyers, providing a comprehensive and engaging viewing experience.

With an interactive map displaying all their locations it allows buyers to find a development quickly over the South West area.

Website Development for Cavanna Homes
Cavanna Homes Responsive Website

Each development is content rich with site plans, videos and photos to best display the homes.

The interactive site plans show which properties are available and allows the user to view individual house styles in more detail, with options to arrange a viewing, register their interest and more.

The custom backend is a fully tailored to the needs of the Cavanna team, providing an editable interface that is user-friendly, allowing them to effortlessly edit and update content as required.

Adaptive Website

As Cavanna Homes have grown and evolved over the years, we’ve been right there with them, ensuring their website remains a true reflection of their brand and message.

Over the years we’ve worked together we’ve provided ongoing advice and support, offering innovative ideas for enhancements to keep their site current and effective.

If you would like to work with us and get your project moving, do get in touch with our team today.

Cavanna Homes Build

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Providing expert advice, guidance, and solutions with our specialized knowledge and insights.

Project Management

Project management

Clear communication to plan, execute, monitor, and control projects efficiently and effectively, ensuring successful delivery within specified constraints

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Adobe XD

Producing designs and interactive prototypes focusing on user experience and user interface design for website and mobile applications.

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Responsive web design utilising cutting-edge frameworks for all devices to provide the best user experience for that screen size.

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User experience design

Designing and optimizing the overall interaction and satisfaction of users with a product or system, focusing on usability, accessibility, and the emotional impact of the user's experience.


Pete Jeffery - Designer at Blaze Concepts

Pete Jeffery

Senior digital designer

Pete specialises in all things design, from high quality branding projects to ensuring the highest quality of user experience and accessibility. He casts his creative eye over the majority of our projects bringing over a decade of experience to our team.

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Adam Wicket - Developer at Blaze Concepts

Adam Wickett

Web developer

With a solid foundation in development skills, Adam supports many of our clients with complex updates and support. Skilled in PHP, WP, and JavaScript frameworks he stays at the forefront of web development trends.

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Andrew Real - Developer at Blaze Concepts

Andrew Real

Senior web developer

With a passion for technology and helping traditional businesses transition into e-commerce, Andrew brings a solid knowledge from HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript through to app development.

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