The Somerset Safeguarding Children Partnership required a new bold website to match their new branding and mission.

This Partnership is made up of Somerset Council, Avon and Somerset Constabulary and Somerset Integrated Care Board, who have joint and equal responsibility to safeguard children and young people.

With a difficult subject matter, it was important that this website reflected the positive steps which can be taken while ensuring the content is clear and understandable.

This website is feature rich providing lots of helpful tools for families and care workers.

There are three bespoke interactive tools based on the previously used Word forms, which care workers use to help record and understand information in a data protected way. We built these tools in the Svelte JavaScript library to create a responsive application that doesn’t require pages to be reloaded while data is kept on the device to ensure privacy. The tool will create a PDF report that the practitioner can save or print.

With a content rich website it was important to ensure that all the information is organised in a clear and accessible way.

Since their new website launched in 2023, the content has grown massively with more and more tools and features being added, creating a even greater resource.

From relevant news articles, to new publications and a new podcast it is important that the website is flexible and built on a secure foundation to continue its growth.

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