The Aqua Smart LED app from Interpet allows owners of Aqua Smart LED aquarium lighting units to configure the lights from their smartphone.

The app allows multiple Aqua Smart LED units to be connected and they can be grouped for ease of setting up the lighting patterns.

Owners can configure the times and brightness settings for the white, blue and red light and set up storms to mimic weather patterns.

Interpet Aqua Smart Led Main Menu Screen
Interpet Aqua Smart Led Manual Weather

Somerset & Devon
App Development

Apps are such an integrated part of business today it is common practice for a user to connect directly via unique phone applications.

At Blaze Concepts we have worked on numerous apps for many large clients however we are unable to publicly display many due to agreements with other agencies. If you are looking for a mobile application for your business get in touch and we can provide more in-depth examples.


We were extremely impressed with the mobile app development support provided by Blaze Concepts Ltd. From start to finish, Wayne and the entire team, demonstrated professionalism, expertise and a genuine commitment to delivering a range of iOS and Android apps for us.

They took the time to understand our needs and help us out in a tricky situation. The end result exceeded our expectations. Communication was seamless throughout the process and any concerns or questions were addressed promptly.

I highly recommend Blaze Concepts Ltd to anyone in need of a new app or looking for support on existing apps. They truly go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction.





JavaScript library for building user interfaces, known for its component-based architecture and efficient rendering, enabling developers to create dynamic and interactive web applications.


React Native

A framework developed by Facebook for building mobile applications using JavaScript and React, allowing developers to create cross-platform apps with native-like performance and user experience



Versatile and widely-used programming language that enables the development of dynamic and interactive web content, running on the client side within web browsers.

Node Js


Server-side JavaScript runtime that enables the execution of JavaScript code outside a web browser, allowing for scalable and efficient development of networked applications.


Andrew Real - Developer at Blaze Concepts

Andrew Real

Senior web developer

With a passion for technology and helping traditional businesses transition into e-commerce, Andrew brings a solid knowledge from HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript through to app development.

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Jack Hallet - Developer at Blaze Concepts
Lifting Weights

Jack Hallett

Web developer

A vital part of the Blaze Concepts team, Jack is involved in building responsive websites, in-depth programming as well as Mobile App development with a keen eye for detail.

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