Our process

We approach every web project with a bespoke mindset, from design through to development, because no two projects will ever be the same. Yet our process remains identical for every client because we know our methodology works.

Project Research

The research and planning stage is arguably the most important because what we decide here and now will set the road ahead for the entire project.

So first off, we’ll work closely with you to help us understand your business, goals, customer expectations and behaviour – and how your website will deliver on these objectives. We’ll also examine your competitors and generate ideas for how the site should look, function and better the competition.

This stage will give us the detail needed to make informed recommendations for the design and development of your new responsive website.

Website Design

Next, we’ll set to work on the visual styling for your site. If you already have branding collateral, then this part of the process will be shaped by the colour pallet and logo already established.

We choose not to use wireframes with any of our projects unless it is insisted upon. We strongly feel there is little benefit to you or ourselves in producing such limited designs and adds another layer to the design process, which affects timescales and ultimately your budget. Our method allows us to discuss the design more in-depth with you and produce detailed page mockups that are easier to visualise and feedback on.

Using our extensive knowledge and research, we will produce a design that not only fits your brand, but also gives your customers an enhanced experience in understanding what you offer and ultimately achieve your primary objective from the website. A cycle of review, discussion and refinement often takes place before both parties are satisfied with the designs before sign-off. So if there are any changes to be made, this is the best time to make them, and not during the development stage.

This is our favourite part of the process as it’s where our passionate web designers can truly shine!

Web Development & Testing

The creative part isn’t over yet. This is where our talented developers take over and bring your vision to life. With the blueprints in our hands, we’ll use the latest technologies to build your website. Most likely, with our preferred framework, WordPress, which is an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS), ideal for customers with little website experience. No coding skills required from you to maintain content! WordPress and WooCommerce together also allows us to deliver simple and complex ecommerce solutions.

During the development stage, the website will be accessible via a private temporary URL that will be shared with you. You’ll be able to visit this URL at anytime to check in on progress. At times we may ask you to test features and feedback.

We will continuously test your website across different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer 11+) and devices (iPhone 4S to iPhone X, iPad, and various Android devices). We’ll also invite you to test on your own devices. Any bugs that arise from this testing will be fixed prior to launch.


Once we’ve finished our testing, and we’re all satisfied with our marvelous creation, pop the bubbly and we’ll put the website live to the world. We’ll run through our Go-Live checklist of over 60 tasks, including basic search engine optimisation, core software updates and enabling security features such as admin protection and installing an SSL Certificate.

If you’d like to learn how to main the content of your brand new website, then we’ll provide you with CMS training. This usually takes place before the website launches, in order to give you time to learn how everything works before it gets busy for you. Visit our Devon office, or if location is an issue, we can talk you through remotely via screen sharing software and phone. We prefer face-to-face meetings though, as it means we can see that smile on your face!

maintenance & Support

Although your website is live and kicking, that doesn’t mean we’ll just leave you to fend for yourself. We’d like to continue helping you develop your business and your brand towards greater things. We provide ongoing CMS support and maintenance services to ensure your website remains stable and the website software remains up to date and secure from pesky hackers!

The security and maintenance of your website is as serious as it gets. There are many possibilities out there that could cause serious harm to your website. That’s why we’re determined to keep you from falling into one of these traps. Our team of both designers and developers are passionate about their job and giving clients their utmost attention in any way possible. We not only provide the care and support you’ve been looking for, but also want to help your business become an ongoing success.

Remember, we’re always a phone call or email away if you need a hand with anything… Website related that is!

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