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Mobile App Development

Mobile & Web Apps

An app can represent great business opportunities for any company wanting to give their customers a more refined browsing experience on mobile devices. Mobile applications also offer a great opportunity to streamline business processes and increase productivity. At Blaze Concepts we design and build apps for iOS (Apple iPhone/iPad) and Android, often supported by a web based portals for content management and further administrative requirements. We manage all aspects of the process from interface design to app development, testing, submission to app stores, and ongoing maintenance to ensure the app is optimised for each new OS (Operating System) release.

Strategy & Concept

The initial phase of any mobile app development process is answering the question “what is the purpose of the app?” from the company and user perspective. This might be obvious or it might require a detailed specification to clarify how to conceptualise the functionality to ensure successful delivery. This includes both proposing features based on what is possible form a technical perspective and what users will desire and expect.

User Experience Design

The goal of the user experience and design phase is to deliver a mobile app that is intuitive, easy to use and stunningly beautiful. Once the flow of the app is clear, we experiment with different design styles and compare with the competition to ensure the app stands out from the crowd. The result is a stunning mobile design that achieves its functional goal whilst staying true to the company’s brand identity and guidelines.

Development & Optimisation

For all aspects of the development process we apply an iterative process allowing for a more flexible and efficient workflow. We develop for a range of platforms (iOS, Android and desktop browsers) using native languages if necessary, or developed as a web app, which is then refined for each required platform, ensuring the best user experience for all users.

Evaluation & Analytics

It is important to allow the app evolve over time. User needs change and new technical possibilities come to market. No matter how well the concept of the mobile app is planned from the outset, there are often surprises along the way, as we learn how users actually use the app and what features they truly love. We monitor this by implementing various analytical tools to analyse and evaluate app usage, in order to refine and evolve the perfect solution for your business.