The power of words!


Copy is important

You might even say it’s more important now than ever before.

A few years back, all an organisation needed to do was cram the right amount of keywords into their website copy and, hey presto, Google loved them and drove search traffic your way. The copy might have read like computer-generated gibberish but that, sadly, was how things were.

However, since Google’s algorithm changes, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) now rewards quality over content. We’re talking about content that is targeted, compelling, relevant, entertaining and engaging – leading visitors to interact and, best of all, heed a call to action!

A good copywriter delivers that content by researching and interrogating your organisation, getting to the heart of your offering, then distilling that promise into elegant language that inspires your clients and prospects to act, whether it is on your website or any other marketing collateral, such as email campaigns and print media.

So you see – copywriting is not only important, but downright essential!

Paddy Magrane


Paddy is a copywriter with over 20 years’ experience of marketing and advertising and has been assisting the team since 2015. His words have helped to sell a wide range of products, including superyachts, homes, cars, clothing, healthcare policies, funeral plans, mattresses, holidays and much, much more. He’s also used his copywriting talent to persuaded donors to give funds to Battersea Dogs Home, ChildLine, Action for Children, Farm Africa, Greenpeace, RNID, Sense, and countless other charities.