Taunton Box Shop

Taunton Box Shop is an online store selling second hand, locally sourced, cardboard boxes intended for moving house. Their ecommerce website is primarily a source for anyone looking for packing materials on a budget.

Taunton Box Shop is the sister company of Ark Removals and Storage. It was important that the two websites linked, so while both have different purposes, the client wanted the design to remain consistent. This includes both web page design and company branding.

The chosen logo uses the same font and colours as the Ark Removals branding. This was our favourite because it follows the same ideas of the Ark Removals branding but shows it in a more modern and interactive way.

As well as the ecommerce shop, Taunton Box Shop also provides a comprehensive Packing Guide. This page helps anyone who is planning or currently in the process of moving house. The guide provides great detail of what packing boxes and accessories are required, useful hints and tips, and mainly a walk-through on packing items through your home, sorted by room. Take a look for yourself.

About Taunton Box Shop

Taunton, Somerset, UK

Online Retailer