Bradley Cross

Senior web developer

Brad Cross - Developer at Blaze Concepts

Brad, our experienced web developer, has been an invaluable member of our team for over 12 years now.

His specialisation in e-commerce and his expertise in WooCommerce means he has a proven track record of developing high-quality e-commerce websites, underpinned by his understanding of WooCommerce's capabilities and features. This specialisation has allowed him to create innovative and user-friendly solutions that precisely align with our clients' business objectives.

Proficient in an array of technologies, his wide skillset spans from WordPress and WooCommerce through to jQuery, SCSS/SASS and many more. He is also diving into new skills and software's to ensure he is at the forefront of the ever-evolving web development landscape.

Brad holds multiple certifications, including those in scoping e-commerce projects, secure payments and PCI compliance basics, PHP, APIs/Web Services, e-commerce SEO basics, and the development of secure WordPress sites. He is an active participant in the WooCommerce community, where he stays engaged with the latest trends and best practices.

Brad enjoys watching sports, particularly football and cricket with him also being a bit of a film buff. An interesting titbit about Brad is that the first-ever e-commerce transaction occurred just a day before his birth!

Bradley's Skill Set:

Ecommerce Websites - Blaze Concepts




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Project Management

Project management

Responsive Web Design - Blaze Concepts


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