Long-time client, Halco Products required a new website build for their main website and brand websites. The nice and clean design kept things tidy and we are really happy with how it looks and functions, view the site here – https://halcoproducts.co.uk/

Halco Products have been a supplier to major UK retailers for almost 20 years. Key to our success is our flexibility, willingness, and ability to find retailer specific solutions. Along with innovative new product development, creativity, design and excellent serviceability, we have maintained long and successful relationships with multiple retailers.

The business is divided into three distinct product categories: vaping, CBD and portable lighting. Our vaping and CBD products are marketed under the brands ‘OK Vape’ & ‘OK CBD’.

One of the early pioneers in the vaping market, the OK Vape brand is now one of the top 10 brands in the UK.

OK CBD is well established in retail and one of the few brands with a national TV advertising campaign.

In the portable lighting category, Halco has successfully licenced the RAC brand for the past 17 years in the torch market; one of the UK’s strongest super brands, proven to drive sales through retailers.


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Honiton, Devon, UK


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