Care Hero Shift Booking

Care Hero is a shift booking web portal we built for an entrepreneur who has strong ties to the care industry in the UK. The Care Hero service is designed to operate under the “software as a service” model, charging care homes a commission on all shifts booked using the web portal.

The web portal is designed to replace and improve efficiency over the paper-based shift booking systems typically adopted by individual care homes and care home groups. Shifts are inputted into the system by managers and relevant care staff are notified of shift availability via text or email, so that they can accept or decline. All of this data is stored in a structured way, so that administrators can export shift details with ease and pass the data on to the organisation’s finance or payroll department.

Another important feature of the Care Hero system is that the access control mechanism allows administrators and managers to control site (care home) access, i.e. filtering what sites the users on the system will have access to. For example, staff will only get shift notifications for sites that they have been granted access to – perfect for small to large care home groups.

The access control mechanism thus plays an important role in ensuring that the Care Hero system can be easily integrated into most care homes or groups of care homes in the UK, considering that they largely follow the same hierarchical structure in terms of job roles within the organisation, i.e. Administrators, Managers, and Staff.

The Care Hero web portal is a full-stack JavaScript system, comprised of a front-end application written in AngularJS, a NodeJS API and a MongoDB database.

About Care Hero Shift Booking