CHASE Consulting

CHASE Consulting have been working alongside Blaze Concepts since 2015 and we continue to be amazed by their technical ability and have often used the phrase… if you can dream it, then they can build it! They have without a doubt turned our vision of a fully automated construction site inspection tool into reality, meeting both our needs and those of our Clients. We are very pleased with the completed iPad app and web portal and believe that through working together we have created a unique user friendly product. As well as their technical ability another of their strengths is the ability to work through issues with a very common sense approach and maintain a good working relationship at all times. We have been very reassured that when there have been technical issues they are easily contactable and have worked through them quickly to ensure that things are fixed asap. We have an eye for detail and the Blaze Concepts team have worked tirelessly to ensure that things are just as we want them. No adaption or alteration we have requested has been too much for them and throughout the process their enthusiasm has never faltered.