Sicuro IMS Platform

Intelyse Platform

The Intelyse Platform uses the Google Maps API in a number of ways to display a variety of geospatial data on a map.

Using Polygons to display region boundaries

The application holds data for various regions. These regions represent areas of control, for example a region in Iraq may be controlled by government forces. We use the Google Maps API and its polygons to display this data on the map as you can see below. We use different colours of polygon to represent regions that are controlled by different forces, i e. government controlled regions are green and terrorist controlled regions are in black.

Sicuro IMS Platform

Incident Markers

The application stores many different types of incident data. These are defined by a type, e.g. air strike, government response, IED, etc. Each marker has its own custom icon which helps the user differentiate between types of incident.

We have recently implemented marker clustering for the Intelyse application, whereby when zoomed out on the map the the individual map markers will be replaced by larger icons that represent many individual icons, this will allow the map to render a lot more incident data smoothly when zoomed out.

Sicuro IMS Platform Incident Mapping

Draw Search

We used the polygon tool that the Google Maps API provides to construct a “Draw Search” facility, whereby the user can draw a polygon on the map, apply any additional search criteria using the search form and then perform a search.

This project is a great example of how we have used our experience with the Google Maps API to provide an innovative tool for users to search Intelyse geospatial data.

Sicuro IMS Platform Map Draw Search


Another data visualisation we have developed for the Intelyse platform are heatmaps for incident data. These heatmaps provide a density map showing the degree to which areas have been affected by the incidents the user has searched for.  We implemented this using the Google Maps API heatmaps tool, giving each incident a weighting in the database, i.e. an air strike has a much higher weighting than a protest, so a small collection of air strikes will create a larger heatmap than a medium size collection of protests.

Sicuro IMS Platform Heatmaps

Adventure Babies

Adventure Babies provide excellent sensory classes for babies around the UK and needed a dynamic site to enable local class leaders to maintain and administer their own classes.

Their previous website was built on a do-it-yourself website service but was becoming unmanageable as this franchise business grew. All content changes had to be carried out by the owner as the system had no editorial control functionality for franchisees.

The new website from Blaze allows each local class leader to edit and control the content for their region whilst restricting access from other class leaders. The site owner has overall editorial control allowing them to correct or change any of the content anywhere on the site.

The site has ecommerce functionality allowing class leaders to set up their classes and create reports such as class registers. Payments are taken within the site through Stripe integration, giving a native checkout feel, so classes can be booked without leaving the site to an external payment gateway, whilst also minimising the burden of PCI DSS compliance, as the payment details are only seen by the payment gateway.

Cavanna Homes website 2019 design

Cavanna Homes

Cavanna Homes have been building beautiful new homes across the South West since the firm was established in 1923.

Today, the company is run by the third generation of Cavanna family and continues to construct stunning properties that customers love.

They are now the largest independent house builder based in the South West – a proud developer with an unbeatable reputation for the highest standards of design and build quality.

Andy Rapps - Web Developer

Andrew Rapps

Andrew Real - Senior Web Developer

Andrew Real

Middle Aston House

Whether you’re masterminding your next business venture, galvanising your team or just celebrating, Middle Aston House has everything you need and more.

An idyllic 17th century country manor house set in extensive, beautifully landscaped grounds, Middle Aston House is an escape from the distractions of everyday life, a wonderful spot to plan, ponder or party. With spacious meeting rooms, plentiful accommodation, a wide choice of reception areas and a raft of outdoor activities, all your bases are covered. And let’s not forget the food… cooked with a pinch of inspiration, we venture you’ll be tempted to come back for more.

Project Ski

Project Ski is an independent ski chalets specialist, based in the fabulous, high altitude, French resort of Val d’Isere. They take a unique approach to managing your perfect ski holiday and provide accommodation and/or catering services which can all be tailored to your needs and budget.