Animated Video

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What better way to promote your business than through motion graphics

Recent studies show that businesses advertising their products or services through video gain higher click-through hits that lead to actual sales than through static imagery alone. This is because video is a more convenient medium that is easily accessable to people.

Engaging Content

Websites which include video on their homepage get higher Google page rankings. So whether you are selling a product, service or teaching - animation is an extremely powerful tool set. From animated cartoons to 3D visualisation that influence and help an audience to quickly absorb complex information. Subject a little boring? - not with animation! A little humour can keep the audience glued so that all important message gets across.

The Narrative

At Blaze Concepts we'll produce a custom concept that aims your message to the right audience from the creation of the script, storyboard, through to final animated video. One critical element is having professional narration and character voiceovers. At Blaze we can arrange professional voice actors at a dedicated sound recording studio to deliver outstanding spoken content.

Motion Graphics Service:

  • Targeted message
  • Delivers any narrative
  • Promotes higher web traffic
  • Arms sales representatives, and public speakers
  • Added benefit of professional voice actors
  • Ideal for YouTube & web advertising
  • HD video for use with digital displays and whiteboards

Animation is great for product visualisation, education, corporate and staff training, exhibitions and

Mobile Ecommerce

Mobile ecommerce is growing 2 times faster than traditional sales channels - in 2013 this accounted for 56% of online sales.

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