Ark Removals

Ark Removals, a trusted removal and storage company based in Taunton, Somerset, were finding that, despite a substantial advertising budget with their national web and marketing supplier, they were not getting the numbers of enquiries that they had hoped for. Also the website included was difficult to update and gave little consideration to design and the Ark Removals brand.

Blaze Concepts created a new, modern website design that is ‘responsive’, looking great on all devices from smartphones, through tablets, laptops and desktops computers. Building on the design and colour of Ark’s existing yellow and grey logo we added a strong, contrasting red to bring an air of bold, excitement to the new website. We also made strong use of elements of the logo to increase the brand identity across the site.

Ark have a facility for their potential customers to complete an online form which collects information about their planned move, however the amount of information required from the customer for this to work effectively required the form to be very comprehensive. On the new website, we recreated a multistep form, dividing the complex form into shorter, sensible page lengths, to make it less intimidating to the customer. To make things even easier, we added the ability for customers to save their progress and come back to where they left off, for occasions when they need to find out more information or if they didn’t have time to complete everything in one go. Along with an encouraging progress bar to give the user feedback on their progression with the form, it is now much easier to use. As a result, more customers are completing the form leading to an increase in solid leads for Ark.

You can view the website at